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Girls in love ( Pricefield ship fansong- Life.. - text


Inevitably you in blue and me
we are young and chlorinated
laughing as we flee security
this feels safe and free and fated

unaware that there are bones among the weeds
lying underneath your posters
and dressing in your missing girlfriend’s tees
I’m the picture of a poser

but I’m not anybody’s muse of purity
and you’re no problem child or cautionary tale
and I’m not innocent and you’re not guilty
but we’ll both be punished by the howling wind and hail

before this ends
the world is not a friend to girls in love
and I keep trying to rewind
but the world’s not kind to girls in love

they pin our wings and keep us under glass
try to understand our beauty
say they have to see us after class
it’s a privilege and our duty

but they will never know what we possess
strange attractors, we are fractal
and with Schrodinger’s devotion in my chest
I’m a quantum chain reactor

and you’re not venison to be consumed
and I am not some armless marble carving to admire
and we are not red roses to be cut before we bloom
and we are not the virgin victims for their sacrificial fire

to the gods
against all odds, we’re girls in love
and the storm is on it’s way
cause the world’s not made for girls in love

so batten down the hatches, arm the canons, grab your cutlass, set the compass,
we are sailing for a future where there’s gentleness and justice
you wont have to fight, or pay a price, or pray you gave enough
and the lighthouse always shines

for girls in love
for girls in love

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