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Gaurdians (An Abigail Hobbs fansong) - text


With closed eyes I
see the knife slide
faith born in lies
you empathize

but I know what the monster looks like
I have kept his belly full
I know what the hunter fears
We’re always hunted in our souls
I know what the monster looks like
My reflection tells me, so
special I expire daily
dime a dozen dark haired doe

Devils talk from both my shoulders, always othered, faded, cold
patiently my founding fathers hide my faults and fill my bowl
Picnic for three, my guardians and me
one thinks that he’s a killer and the other made me tea
A monster and a madman and a doctor in psychology

leather and fur
use and honor
each part of her
but when’s my turn?

Is this what a family feels like?
With closed eyes, I see it all
the gutting hand, the cup of trust,
the doleful eye, the chilling touch,
the tailored suits, the scarf tied tight
my noose and I in the headlights

Devils talk from both my shoulders, who to trust and must I choose?
Understand, my founding fathers, what to honor, what to use
I bleach my bones and tan my hide, I braid my hair and eat my pride
I hammer my nails and hold my tongue, but it wont be enough, tonight.

Funeral for five, my guilt, my guile, my guardians and I

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