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Finally I've Flown (A Dead!Tavros Fansong) - text

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Say that you believe in faeries
‘cause if you don’t I’ll never fly again
falling down is not as scary
as never finding confidence to stand
and now I guess, I’ll never know
I’m in Neverland forever, I never will grow old
and I’m leaving you lost boys and girls, alone
and finally I’ve flown
I’m a hero in a land of treasure
and a failure, in a body that’s all wrong
I tried to measure up to this adventure
to fantasize and make believe I’m strong
But if I give my all and still
amount to nothing in the end, then I guess it was pretend
when I thought that I could help protect my friends
and with my lance I’ll charge
into the morning, look for me by the
light of the second star
I used to feel so small and wary
but maybe growing up means many things
So say that you believe in faeries
cause really, they’re just miracles with wings
And if you miss me, let me go
you can kiss me but my body will eventually grow cold
but you can dream of me and I will let you know
that I am fine here
I am not alone
and I can fly here
Finally I’ve flown

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