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Still crying after ten
She’s paler then the day before
Can she hear us? Does she know we’re watching her?
We’re taking notes. We’re asking the hard questions.
Is she ours? Where is she from?
I cannot say I recognize her face.
Sure I didn’t look like that or act so strange
when I was her age.
So quiet, but so much rage
she broke another toy today
teacher told us no one tries to play with her at recess
but she doesn’t even notice
isn’t talking yet, instead she sits outside
drawing symbols in the dirt
Haven’t seen her walk in days
but she’s always somewhere different when you turn
I think I am a changeling
I was born with long dark hair, the nurse was scared,
I didn’t cry but I was teething
I think I am a changeling
I broke open all the eggs ‘cause I heard baby birds inside
and they were screaming
So far I cannot see a family resemblance
but something in her reminds me of a story I heard
as a child in the dark
can’t explain the milk we found under her bed, or the earthworms in her hair
can’t explain the feeling I’ve forgotten some important thing somewhere…
I think I am a changeling
I was born with little claws instead of nails
and I was pale and barely breathing
I think I am a changeling
I broke the mirror because the me who wasn’t me inside
was shaking, she was seething, she was screaming
Oh, changeling
you will find your home some day
your friends among the fairies
your family with the fae

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