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Anthony - text


I’m kind and I’m clever, I know how to pull out the tab of a coffee cup
I find more pleasure in helping than hurting, I’m pretty sure that’s enough

and as for grown ups I don’t wanna be one
and I don’t wanna see one again
and I don’t want to know what I’m missing out on
or if my hat’s on the wrong end

so what if I’m walking home backwards?
I’m still gonna get where I get
Anthony’s walked round in circles for years and he hasn’t stopped yet

I’m funny and free, with a few good tattoos and permanent crooked grin
I’ve medals for participation and others for getting the hockey puck in

and as for losers I’ve certainly been one
and I’ll probably be one again
but I don’t want to know what I’m getting too old for
so don’t put your trash in my bin

so what my life story’s missing a cover,
on sale for just $1.99?
Anthony’s written in marker, he’s scrawled in the margins of mine

I’m soft and I’m silly, my therapist tells me I thoroughly know my own mind
yeah, I’m so self aware she can’t help me, I finish her sentences all the time

so as for sanity take it or leave it
don’t know where I last put mine down
and I’ve gained thirty pounds since I lost it
so it probably wont fit me now

so what if my uncertain future
looks nothing at all like my past
Anthony's outside the confines of spacetime completely
he’s perfectly calm and relaxed


Anthony’s just where I left him
and he can’t do a thing on his own
he’s never won any trophies or accolades
he’s never gonna get home
so I’ve got a leg up on the boy
that I dreamed about being when I was 13
I’d rather be the real me than fake Anthony

yeah all in all I’d rather be me than Anthony

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