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Christmasland - text


If you come into the Christmasland
You'd better think for others, try to be a helper now
And you'll be the one
Who understands Christmasland, Christmasland
Come into the Christmasland
Come into the Christmasland
Come, come, come into the Christmasland, Christmasland
Yo it's not just another day, a special time has come
Jesus the King was born, the starlight shines up from the North
Was the dream was made of course
Mother Mary giving birth to the son of God
And of course that you know how the rest goes, so
It leaves us now
Feeling Mary begging .... presents from ....
Goes home home home
Dup dup padadada
Dup dup padadada
Holy peace and love, family ...playing in the snow
Kitchen cooking .... happy .... in the cheminey smoke
The happy side will see you forget the other
Don't be ...... agree to give to one another
Darling darling Mary
Kiss a bird ..... missing ............
No white, no frost tonight
For St Nicholas home
Don't be naughty, ... brings gifts
For everyone, ring on the roof
Pick up boots, it's Christmas time
Merry Christmas to everyone

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