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In this world of trouble
How could you dare
Never judge another by the cover that they wear
One look at you and I can see
I don’t need your bad seeds
No disguise could ever hide
What you want to give to me
So now it’s my game you are playing
I won’t give in to slow suicide
I know it’s hard to turn away
This is not my dying day
Just ain’t worth the price of life
for you to give to me
Now do you see what I mean?
Or is it just a one-way street
Lying eyes can hypnotize
to what you want to see
So now it’s my game you are playing
You never know what fate can hide
One bad night can leave your life in ruin
I won’t give in to slow suicide
Slow suicide, slow suicide
I won’t give in to your slow suicide
You’re just another mother fucker
trying to make me weak
Now I know about your kind
and your sick mind
I’ll never fall into the trap of slow suicide

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