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Loved Ya to Pieces - text

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Such a lovely day the sun was shining
Down on cell 37
God turn this water into whiskey sour
Pay you back if I get to Heaven
No one to love or need
Think I'm lonely
Judge wouldn't pardon me
He only gave me a life-long lease in a house that's ugly
and a maid that's big and mean
Loved ya to pieces more than life
Loved ya to pieces cut like a knife
Preacher spoke and grown men cried
Rest in pieces from your sweet little wife
It was my last cigarette
And I was looking back on you
You were so damn sweet
Lying in my sister's, lying in my sister's bed
Turn the other cheek that's what they told me
Lasted for a week then they sold me
A six inch blade with your name written on it
A gift from me to you
Now I might sound a little bitter baby
But you know what I'm talking about
You know it's cold inside, cold inside
Yeah, I loved you too much
Couldn't stand to see you touching someone else
Why not me?

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