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For the last time we have to fight
The final call for the good and the right
For the last time we’ll have to go
The final judgement the final show
All now made decisions are valid for all
All now killed people are dead till the dawn
Who is wrong and who is right
We are the law
We are the might

Join our army enjoy our pride
Then you will have then sun on your side
We’ll pay the price for the last revolution
We’ll pay the price now how high it might be
We are convinced our will to survive
Conquer the earth
Walk fly or dive
We’ll preach some water but won’t drink no wine
The world will be ours from now till all time
We will be fair not like you were
We’ll tell the truth not like you do
The anthem of metal with hands in the air
Pay the price everyone everywhere
We will kill n one but we didn’t lie
We’re not afraid and were not to shy
This is a metapher
For all of your lifes
We want to show you how to fight fpr your rights
Take this as a lesson it’s seriousIt’s true
We are here
For all of you!

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