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What are these for simple people
Acception and for money running
Blinded before true intentions
Living for the world today
Living in a commercial world you’re
You will never wake up from you’re
Dream of endless association
Laughing you say you are different

Get ‘em out get ‘em out
You can not help them
Get ‘em out get ‘em out
Don’t you feel taken
Get ‘em out get ‘em out
You can not help them
Coming from coming from
You will never wake up

Laughing at me because I am
What you say what you would want do
You can’t see that what you’re saying
Is what I call fucking mainstream
Brainwashed brain of revolution
In my mind you’re a big time looser
Running for your good known idols
All your soul is given away

You are living in a world of dreams
You won’t reach your goals it is unreal

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The Chandlers Passion


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