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Once the Queen beside the king
Happy days and endless stories
During times and centuries
Smiling laughing golden eyes
Doors to open things to see
Ways to go learn what life is
She moved backwards fell on knees
She decided for the vermin
No way back she’s done
And forsaken your intention
Don’t you see that you are
Loosing you proud
every step every word
you are wasting your power
no one cares what you say
no one listen and hear
what you’re trying to explain
no more reasons and lies
no more cheating and hate
whore for the weakness
she is lying
on the stairs to the kingdom
where she is coming from
years ago travelled all the world
now you’re caught in your fucking
nightmare you adore

Don’t turn round
You will regret for what you’ve done
You will feel guilty
And until the last tears washed away
The next queen on her way to glade
Once the Queen beside the king
Happy days an endless sorrow

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