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You Are My Rock - text


Ps. 18
Moving through the shadows of uncertainty
Clinging to the words You said
Through my loneliness and fear
I long to feel you near
But I hear another voice inside my head
But then the darkness is broken into
By inescapable light from You
I'm never standing alone
You Are my Rock
My Fortress, my Shield
You Are my Rock
Let Your Strength be revealed
My Rock, my Comfort, my Peace
My Salvation, my Refuge, my God
You Are my Rock
Through the desperate night
My soul cries out to You
Longing just to hear Your Voice
In the quiet solitude
I sense your magnitude
And feel the Strength
That makes my heart rejoice
You Are the Anchor securing me
I'll never drift on the shifting sea
You Are the Eye of the storm
Repeat Chorus
Through all loneliness
This world could ever bring
I'll take my refuge
In the Shadow of Your Wing
Repeat Chorus

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