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We wait since the day He ascended
He said He would come again
Some think it will be such a long time
Some think they know just when
We live like there's no tomorrow
We wait with our lamps of oil
We watch for the midnight hour
The day we cease our toil
When the trumpet sounds
And the bridegroom comes
The weddings gonna be so royal
So we gotta keep staying loyal
Cause our feet are gonna leave this soil
When we burn the midnight oil
Burn the midnight oil
Some wait from the top of the mountain
Away from the world below
Some work while there's still a harvest
No rest when there's seed to sow
We go out to wait for the bridegroom
Some bring oil of readiness
Some lamps will be burned out waiting
Left out in there emptyness
Will our lamps be full at parousia?
When the bridegroom comes will hear the call

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