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Let Everything That Hath Breath - text

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Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord
Let every creature under God's sun praise the Lord
Let all the mountains, let all the valleys
Let all the hillsides sing of His glory
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
Israel had a war to fight but the Lord
Showed them the secret
He said the battle this day is mine
But you must listen how to do it
Put your singers first in front of the rest
Let them praise and sing to me
And you will see the salvation of your God
And watch your enemies flee
Paul and Silas were thrown in jail
For preaching the gospel of Christ
though in chains they praised his name
singing songs in the night
Just then an earthquake shook the place
And the chains and the doors were loosened
then the jailer ran in scared to death
And that day he found salvation
Let the children of God sing the song of His glory

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