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He's got a straight head
in a world of brain dead
He's got a clean nose
even when the wind blows
He's got a backbone even when he's all alone
Ain't taken no chances following the masses
He's got his mind set
On high with his affections
He's got the jones
He makes no bones
It's a God fixation
A singleness of heart, an undistracted mind
It's a God fixation
Addiction of a different kind
He's got 20/20 vision making a decision
He's so unaffected by what he has rejected
Rooted and grounded -
he's standin' up to be counted
And he's already proved
that he will not be moved
He will not bend to
The pressures and persuasions
He knows the lies
He won't compromise
In the heavenlies
In captivity

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God Fixation

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