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Chameleon - text


You want the best of both worlds
But you're not getting either
You seem content to ride the fence
When you know which side is greener
Some run hot and some run cold
Some run from their maker
Some run the risk of losing all
With lukewarm friends and fakers
Chameleon- you blend with your surroundings
Chameleon- no one knows where you come from
Chameleon- you change with every situation
Compromising dedication
You compromise each word you say so inoffensively
You only want to hide behind your anonymity
You struggle for acceptance and it takes you to extreme
The smile you hide your face behind is not all that it seems
Come out, come out
Come out from among them
Come out, come out
Come out and be free
There is no gray, no neutral ground
There's only black and white
Nothing in between the two
To turn a wrong into right
There is no time for your charade
You've got to make your stand
When salt has lost its savor
The world becomes so bland

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