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Blinded Eyes - text


Don't know where you're going
But you think you know the way
20/20 vision but you can't see the light of day
Road is wide or narrow
But you can't tell which is which
Blind will follow blind
And you'll both end up in the ditch
Can't you see you can't see?
Don't you know you don't know?

Blinded eyes can't see the light
When it's glowing in the night in front of you
Blinded eyes can't see the truth
When it's written on the wall right in plain view
Blinded eyes can't see the Son
Or the work that He has done out of love for you
Blinded eyes

Groping in the darkness
Searching for the missing switch
Come up empty handed
Try to scratch the endless itch
There is only one light that can penetrate your mind
Just one look at Jesus
Your eyes could leave their scales behind
Can't you see you could see?
Don't you know you could know?

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