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The Dark Ship (ft. Elisa Martín and Sam Scare.. - text


We see a light
On the cold distant horizon
Followed by a thunder
On this twilight they're in sight

It's the legion of the cursed
The fleet of thousands souls
They were banished from their land
To oppress and darken the seas

Brothers in arms!
We must defend our ship
At the risk of our lives!
Canons! Get ready to fire!
Won't be the end of our quest!

Ocean of torment, lying in their eyes
Visions of sadness, keeper of death

Smashing our anchor of iron and dust
Throwing our torches, the fire from hell
We must be fierce, there is no time to cry
This is our time fellows, they have to die

Lost in their wrath
From the chaos inside their heart
They will find their freedom in death
In the abyss of infiniteness

Look at these fools!
All made of flesh and blood
We are thousands of souls!
Archers! Start bending your bows!
Will be the end of their journey!

Ocean of torment, lying in their eyes
Visions of sadness, keeper of death

At the end will remain one of us!

Gnawed by anger inside
They will find their end
Consumed by the darkness
Here their fate

Great walls of water, surrounding the ship
Our reign of terror will soon find his end
Glorious battle, we faced the dark ship
Their souls will perish deep in the sea

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