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- The Apocalypse War -
„As mighty armies clash
In a struggle for total domination,
The scales can be tipped
By one man, who has the courage
To confront his fate
And make a choice that will decide...
...the fate of the world.

For countless centuries
A terrible curse
Has cast a shadow on their world.
One man must unlock an ancient secret
To bring back the light that has been lost...

In a land of timeless mystery,
Where every truth hides in a lie
And every pathway is a treacherous maze,
Only a voyage to the limits of the imagination
Will solve a riddle
That can unravel the past
And unlock the future...“

- Dawn of a New Hope -

Text přidala Caetrin

Video přidala Caetrin

Youtube Collection #6

Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream texty

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