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Riot, the words on the streets, get out of your seats,
there's a lot of looting for us to do.
Riot, everybody run amok, that's unless you own a shop.
Throw a brick, who will know it's you ?
Riot, if you want a TV, ghetto blaster or a CD.
You can even furnish your front room.
Riot, join the mass attack, riot, stay right at the back,
we don't want our faces on the news.
Riot, go ahead and try it, riot, no more peace and quiet.

Riot, there's a riot .. ..

Riot, hear the sirens wail, try a Molotov Cocktail.
You might as well join in you'll get no sleep.
Riot, to the sound of breaking glass.
Riot even though you're middle class.
All that you can carry you can keep.

Riot, go ahead and try it, riot, no more peace and quiet .. ..

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