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So many questions in my head, who is this girl in my bed ?
I don't know her she's someone new, got pissed last night but did I screw ?

I, I don't know her name, I, I won't see her again.
She's a one night stand, one night stand, she's a one night stand.

Fast asleep she's still crashed, go thru her pockets for her cash.
So annoying with her snore, I ought to kick her on the floor.

Love at first sight I don't think so, 'cos I can't wait till I can go
I don't know him I don't know his name, I don't think I'll go with him again.

She is lying there in the nude, but I can't remember if we screwed.
So I'll do her now just to make sure, and then I'll kick her out the door.

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