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So Beautiful - text

Found myself just the other day in the backyard
of a friends place thinking about you.
Thinking of the crowd you're in,
what you're up to,
where you've been,
just thinking.
You know the clothes that you wear and the colour
in your hair shouldn't change you.
Now you tell me why is it so you're
bigger than Mighty Joe,
at least you think so.
God my fingers burn now when I think
of touching your hair.
You have changed so much that I don't know if
I can call you and tell you I care.
And I would love to bring you down, and plant your feet back on the ground.
Threw my smoke down on the ground turned my head
and I heard the sound that reminded me
of the days so young and sweet,
always so much fun to me,
at least I thought so.
Now you think you're so damn fine you can
rule the world - no,
not mine, I don't think so.
You know the scene that you're in,
and the people that you've been with,
just get to me.
But you think I'm not as cool
as you are so beautiful,
who you fooling?
Well I'm here to tell you babe
the game you're in is just a game,
so damn pretentious.
You think you're so beautiful, so beautiful.

Text přidala SunHan

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