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Firelit stairs take me deep beneath
The overworld I no longer miss
Choice between the fist of a demon
And the seduction of an angel’s kiss

In sickness, in health
Shooting up the stealth
Wrath and desire of the ancient
Carnage - be done, that lit the sun
Behold - the black star rising

Wearer of horns, bringer of pain
Tearing up my soul
A passionate provider
My heart is where the pain grows

You turn your face away
Another sleepless night
Dark clouds descending
With them a precious sight
Another place foretold
A palace for the frozen
Pray for the trust
True to the soil
Believers turn to dust

Cold dry veins, your eyes open wide
Pleasance of light is gone
Always lack of persistence
The neverending chase is on

The fury - the rage
Locked up in a cage
Breaking the boundaries of existence
Terror and screams
Don’t know what it means
“You ignorant vultures, haunt me now”

Final deal set
The end of the line
Inject the paradise
No longer in control
Your life flash before your eyes

You’re sanctified

Blinded and drained by the fantasies and lies
The spark in your eye forever gone
Once strong but challenged by darkness and grief
The flame flickers weak and dies

Don’t share your lust

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