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So what’s left, when all is said and done
Who would deprive us our right to be
Lunacy unbound
But in the shadows eyes still lure
Awaiting every chance to set us free
Free us from our sanity

Trapped again, haywire jaws
Lashing at us sinners
With broken fangs and claws

Fragments of pain will return
My life’s too precious to sacrifice
To this darkened world
You’re my nameless god
Earth you walked for infinity
Shattering my everything

You know it ain’t right
You know it ain’t so
There’s gotta be more to life than you know
Break the chains and see the light again
Maybe you’ll beg, maybe you’ll pray
Maybe there’s more to life than decay
Trade your soul for one more day

Finally, my swarming soul is free
But every time your mind is set on me
You’ll be afraid to die
Sends shivers up my spine

A feeling weaker
Than your need to control
So much is asked in silence
My hands are soiled with blood
Your world spawned through violence
Evolution purgatory

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