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False believer everything is sacred, so cynical
Your castle’s ground is shaking, but you bury your head in the sand
You think you’ve earned the privilege blessing, symbolic
Forcefeeding the lies
Mastering the arts

Our innocence
Nothing that lasts forever

Over and over again you drain my soul
One human’s loss, another’s gain
One for all and all for you alone
My mind is fractured
Denied are our lives

Our innocence
Nothing that lasts

No longer Me, Myself and I
I demand your obedience, so kneel
In this my world there is nothing but fear
I reveal the things you cannot see
Fire inferno
I’ll raise hell to be

Trust I sought, but you defied me, into darkness dive
The noble soul is resting
Safe within its hive
The image of you fades to black
How could we ever drift so far apart
In ruin lies my heart

Deprive me all you think is real
Come on, just laugh at my demise
As years were wasted on my youth
You slashed and burned my inner truth
I’ll lead my bullets to their burial ground
Right between your eyes

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