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As the hours are turning into days
I pinch my skin, not sure that I’m awake or dead
Emotions carved in stone, we are
Sons of the morning, daughters of the day
Buried and fading

No more charades
Love - a masquerade
Another day to spend in silence
Another way to do your wrong
So many open wounds
That’re never gonna heal
This is the time, the place, the hour
Set me free

Sanity reformation, the shape I can’t resist
I close the door and open up the next
I’m crawling back to nothing
In Hell I’m doing you right
Wicked and cold
The break of dawn relieves demise

Fading illusions
A dream I can’t forget
Remembrance not enough
I’ll end it here right now
Let’s have some Armageddon
The ashes of what was
Brings the torments to enslave

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