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Judas Immortal - text


She's wearing the face of my victim
A well known silhouette
I've seen her, I've touched her before
She won't survive to tell about it
Only her dead body
Such a beautiful thing

The reek of your desecrated corpse
The reek of your soul

No one heard the scream as she was falling
The blade put an end to her voice
Limb by limb I harvested her pure
I tell myself I won't regret it
I'm doing fine
I have the true gift, the sickest of minds

Tomorrow we'll meet again

In a dreamstate world my bride
When the fear and thought collide
Need your secrecy, silence until the end of time
She got lips and skin like sin
She's passing me by in the crowd
You just can't be erased

Why should you linger
Death comes to us all
A dark strike of faith, just show me a sign
Keep walking that line

Lost child, your dreams of wonders
Believers, you see them hanging on
Madness, you pull me under
The meaning - They seem to go away

You're growing as I am falling in despair

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