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The moon relieves the sun
The landscape, white and peaceful
Seasons changed, I wasn`t aware
Spring passed by, summer couldn`t allay the pain
The last leaf has fallen
In a cold winter`s night

I felt hope and strength
I followed the lights, to find my way
In loneliness I made my songs
I never found, what I was longing for
Flames lit my path
In a cold winter`s night

Snowflakes dancing on my skin
Slowly they cover my face
My heart is frozen, I close my eyes
I can`t feel the cold
Everything is so silent
In a cold winter`s night

A gentle smile on my face
You were my only pleasure
I think of you, I always will
And when I die tonight
I hope you`ll remember my name

I`m in a garden, in a land so far away
Trees in full blossom, the nightingale
She found her songs again
While mine are lost forever...

When I fall asleep...

In my last winter`s night

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