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Facing the Ruins - text


I can`t remember how I became
The one I am or who to blame
Can`t recall the visions of my past
It all stays the same, I have no rest

Living a life that`s so intense
Does not give my memories a chance
Only when we`re together it feels so safe
Peaceful and silent, quiet as a grave

Only on these tombstones of my past
Is where my inner voices find their rest
Can`t silence them on moments that I want
For final rest I think we have to bond

My thoughts are ascending from the land
They find their rest, no reason to descend
Looking down on ruins I once left behind
Still left untouched for me yet to find

Going on, approaching open sea
Shimmering of sundown is coming towards me
When my body hits the ground
Feel the pain, I`ve returned and look around

The silence I find myself now in
Leads me to the ruins, my own place of sin
Only on these ruins of my past
Is where the voices found their rest

I can remember how I became
The one I am, but it stays the same
I can recall the visions of my past -
In that place... we all find our rest

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