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9 years and I was a son with a sick mother it was Progressive and sad

I didn't realize the impact at time I only

realized that my mom was about to become a superhuman

Trapped within a coma, she faded away as peaceful as peaceful can be

Her vessel grace that hospital room with her presence
even dead she modivates
even dead she loves
the power was magic

I knew she live without leaving
call it strange weird, freaky or phenomenal
she possess me

Demons may exist althought they don't deserve to
maybe it's just a stupid metaphor

For what we blame certain behavor for
angels exist because my mother is one
everywhere I go, everything I do she is with me
sure it's unexplainable
sure it's questioned
sure it's her

The feeling before a match
The sensation after a match
The feeling it's her

My wife is my God
Throught my mother she's God

Long story short, I owe so much and before I die,
it's my responsibility to do what my mother would have done
if only she had the chance

When I am dehydrated, weak and Afraid
I'll drink my tears to survive
I'll cry until I am dry

Remembering why I am here alive within this sphere

9 years in
she is a prodigy with a cool father
he is progressive and happy

He didn't realize the impact at the time
he only realized that this daughter
was about to become a superstar

Trapped with a talent
she soared away
as successful as successful as can be

Her vessel grace each stage
with her presence
in her life, she modivates
in her life she loves
the power is Magic

I knew who she was
without knowing
call is strange werid, freaky or phenomenal

She inspires me
my mother's death
my daughter's birth
at last now I am here

Sphere on Earth

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