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It’s okay if we can get through this-
Away from the world where it all won’t be missed-
Unfamiliar was the sudden sound-
Handcuffed face first on the ground!

You can’t play with forever there’s no going back-
You can take what’s Rebelyes from my on attack-&-
I’ve been losing for years,wish I could switch it all-
You can have what’s Rebelyes for your protocol.

It’s alright if we can pass this by-
Away with the old giving new a try.
Unfamiliar was the violent sound-
Handcuffed face first on the ground!

Repeat chorus. . . .

Denied the help-way before now & stubborn was I – could not comply.
Sorrow borrowed from the fear of tomorrow,I will always remember- never forget this!
Waiting on judgement day to save my soul-for myself!
Waiting so long-
Want it to be gone!

Final chorus. . . .

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Video přidal Sabatonion

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