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Perfect Hand Crew - Go 'N Go 'N Go - text

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Yo duppy and go
All my mandem duppy and go
You can hear the siren when we duppy and go
Smashin' the riddim and go and blow and go
Yo duppy and Go
Perfect Hand Crew, duppy and go
When we come through, we duppy and go
Smashin' the riddim and go and blow and go

Call me Billy Bad Bolt when I duppy and go
Silly mad boy when I've got the right flow
I'm an eskiboy like wiley, eskiboy for your wifey
Fresher than snow
Colder than ice when I duppy and go
Man I slice you twice, not nice, you know
That you'll pay the price
My vice is to roll the dice and duppy the casino
I'm always ready for action
Them boys there ain't ready for the sanction
Man you can't manage my motivation
I'm higher coz I blaze weed for the elevation
It's the rise of the movement and you can't stop it
MTP we represent and we proud of it
Man's hard like cement and you can't break it
Fully grown, we're like giant, beware son when I spit
When I hit, when I kick the beat, I'm like a boxer
I'm the Greek in my click but I don't eat no pita
Real music lover, when rapper use to wear Fila, fuck swagga
I don't make music to buy some clothes
I don't make music to fuck some hoes
Man I do it coz I love it, I can't stop it
Yeah we are the bass heroes

When I'm goin' in, I'm always goin' in proper
Smashin' the scene from jan to december
You know the hot flow, TooK bring the summer
Je rap pour ta go, pour ta couz et ta sista
Man like freezer
Mash up the dancefloor, bruv bring your armor
Tasty's in da place, man it's game over
Show me your bass face when I blow through the speakers
Don't come around here, yo man wanna test
I don't really care, I'm sick like a pest
Frenchie always fair, I'll never turn my vest
Don't mess with the king, this is not chess
Like Lay-Z said
Your flow's dead
Your creps dead
Your clothes dead
Your girl's dead
Your bars dead
Man you're just fully dead dead dead
Do you dig what I said
Man go to bed, it should be more easy
I give you some bread, standard I'm Frenchie
You don't need to call me, allow the mercy
I'm kickin' the ball like Lionel Messi
I just wanna add that you ain't on my level
Not on my level, when I grab the pencil
Coz It's mental, mental
I'm a man on fire like Denzel

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