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[Intro: Tasty TooK]
Don't ask me where I’m from
MTP city the kingdom
PHC Tasty to the bone
No one can stand me in my zone
No one can mess with my tone
Man don't be silly watch your tongue
With Billy we smash any song
Ridin' with my brews and my joint
Perfect Hand Crew Bruv we on point
And I ain’t looking for fame
I’m motivated to work for gains
I motivate you to do the same
Elevate you on top of this game
[Verse 1: Tasty TooK]
I’m a man from the south MTP the source
I don't ride with loud mouth or silly hoes
Shut your mouth you don’t know the force
I’m a Lord like a Stark when I go to the North
Like Wolf I talk fast, yeah I’m quick
Hear me on the mic, yeah that’s deep
Doin' it right, way too sick
Goin' wild for the night with my PH clique
Yeah French nightmare
Flying in your dreams with my Nike Air
Im full of flair, that’s not fair
The way I spit bars is called savoir faire
If you don’t get me blud you’ll go nowhere
You wanna be like me come on don’t compare
Don’t touch my beard or Mago’s hair
It’s MTP we’re not gassin' air yo blud
[Verse 2: Billy]
Mago blazin trees on one
Nightdrugs sippin' on them brew
Billy Tasty spittin bars add something
Be sure you got them too
Well the riddim man won't stop bruv
Ina the area it's hot not cold cuz
We raise temperature on the drop
Man Neva flop, man I got something
Man I got needs, man gotta work cuz man got deeds
Please I don't wanna burst in flame HAN
I don't wanna trust in fame
But I gotta to be big in the game HAN
Call out the name Billy I'm not a bad boy yeah my name ain't Diddy
Kong Ching Chang Chong I rap like a ninja
I smoke cigarette but I quitted ganja
I'm feelin' better but it's hard to sleep
Slippery slope if you fall it's deep
But I stay on the track bruva
Keep on grinding for ever
[Verse 3: Tasty TooK]
I’m coming like Blam Pow Wow no hello
Smell me when I go I’m like a walking kilo
Too fly too dope you follow
Waiting for my time in the missile silo
We always get high not low
I make your girl twerk call me Diplo
Put it in work with an English flow
You jerk know nothing like Jon Snow
[Verse 4: Billy]
It's bad we bad
Remember the name you mad we bad
We rap this motherfucker back to back
Well the riddim mad Remember we bad it's bad
It's bad you bad never try to compete man we rad
Are you mad ? Are you mad ?

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