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Jesus‘ Needs - text

The jester’s been beat by all the king’s men
Now he sobs at the foot of the throne
The powers that be still only want more
We cannot undo what’s already been done

Heaven and hell forever at war
Soldiers ask why should they bother?
It’s getting thick, the bullshit in here
I think Jesus needs a big glass of water

It’s much worse now, don’t you think?
Than when he was alive
Not trying to be holy
But maybe it’s time for a reprise?

Jesus’ needs are really not mine to say
But it seems that everybody has 4gotten somehow to pray
Jesus’ needs;
What would you say if he were here tonight?
You wouldn’t even believe - you would ignore
If he were to come back to life

We have no say, no voice, no tide
We have no lands in which to roam
It’s all been taken away from us
By all of the kings on their prospective thrones

What I seem to see is clear
Though the thread leaves me behind
It’s getting rather wrong in here
Looks like little Jesus needs a glass of wine

Its much worse now…

Hero’s precocious thieves who never did
What books would have us believe
As all the kings have a party in bed
Fucking us in our minds, in our hearts and our heads

Hope cries; we close our ears
We don’t really wanna be free
It’s getting truly unbearable here
Now Jesus is screaming for a J.D.

Jesus needs a J.D.!
We should be sorry for the things that that man has to see
Give Jesus his J.D.!
His next one’s on me!

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