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Vita es Morte - text


Now that the man lives in fear
The future seems not so clear
Only one press on the button
Eternal life is what we'll share
The feeling of life gets so boring
Like a hell it's torturing
Tell me one good reason before
I decide to end my living

Their systems seems to be suffering
A fuckin reality based on fear
Oppressing people to obey
The only way to stop you feel real

Lick of death tastes you
The kiss of hell takes you away
Through the lights of Eden
Light of god warns you
The fear of death leaves you
To raise your soul to heaven

Vita es morte morte es vita
No difference the way is one
Life is death, death is life
Die, live and born

There's no ground for contribution
Their political pollution
Never listen to what they say 'cause
They're leading us to a mortal solution

Thousands of people starving
Many other rich junk feeding
It s not my way of living
Always takin' never giving

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