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Noise Pollution - text


You think you got the answers
you might be wrong you take your chances
you think you got all the solutions
your point of view is just noise pollution
think you’re so cool you know it all
you got your back against the wall
you think you got it all figured out
but I can see you have your doubts
don’t tell me how you think I should act
don’t tell me principles I lack
don’t tell me what it right from wrong
don’t tell me – heard your shit too long
you want me to change but it’s always something
not gonna live my life your way
you want me to change
you tell me every single day
but I don’t hear a word you say
You think - that there's no question
You won't hear any other suggestions
You say it's all an illusion
but all I hear is just more confusion
Can't get enough you want it all
but I think you're about to fall
You think you got life all squared away
but I see you sealed your fate

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