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The Train from Bloemfontein - text

Saved from the torches of the breaker's yard
Thirty years of service under African guard
Restored and oiled for one last ride
Six thousand miles to take in its stride

[ ]:
This is the train from Bloemfontein
Mighty workhorse of the African plain
This is the train from Bloemfontein
Off to Scotland, home again

Into the valley of a thousand peaks
Twisting and turning, the mountain class creaks
Icy wind bites, but no blazing coal
This arduous journey is taking its toll

[ ]:

Forty days and nights in the open sea
Out on a passage, spanning oceans, three
Stormy waters brew around the treacherous cape
Will the precious cargo safely escape?

[ ]:

For old time's sake, a final parade
Under shadows of spires, and collonades
Conquered the ocean and the open road
It's the end of the line for this majestic load

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