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The Trucker's Hitch (Ylvis cover) - text


I, I know how to tie
Every kind of knot
Except one

It's so hard
The greatest knot of all
So flexible and strong
But I do something wrong

I know the Bowline
and the Double Overhand
but the Trucker's Hitch
I just don't understand

Let's do the Trucker's Hitch
the Trucker's Hitch

I, I really like to sail
Just the sea
the wind and me

But whenever
I adjust my sail
Try to loosen it up
while I'm docking my boat
I fail

I know the Square Knot
The Clove Hitch
The Double Shoelace Bow
but The Trucker's Hitch
- is all I need to know

Let's do the Trucker's hitch
the Trucker's Hitch
Let's do the Trucker's hitch
the Trucker's Hitch

People of the world!
The time has come...
to tie this knot once and for all!
Show me the ropes!
On every dance floor across the world
Let's do the Trucker's hitch
Are you ready?
Let's tie this knot!
Tie, tie, tie, tie, tie
This is how you do it!

Bring it up
Check the rope
Spin around
On the neck
Whip it, whip it
Take it home
Bring it up, split it now

Shoulder, now, make a loop
Pull it, feed it, push it through
Up, stretch, down again
In the face and prepare

Lift, pull, bring it round
Thigh, tie, tighten tie
Kick the heel
Swivel time
Round, round, back to knot

Pull the loop
Down and through
Pull again
Lift the hand
Through the loop
Make a stitch
Now you got your Trucker's hitch!

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