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The Master of Reclusion - text


He creeps through the dark cells of my soul.
I hear my chains keyed, collapse and clatter
and I am pulled, swept up from the floor on ties that bind me –
I am a puppet!

I am hoisted and hung out, dangled in a cold spotlight.
No cheering, no applause.
I cry out, numb, but no one can hear;
I'm all alone and suspended in secret.

He shows me, in the distance,
a city I know that's all aglow yet hollow.
I'm thrust out, swung, drawn through the streets -
a silent, sad show performing for no one.

He is the one! He is the man
who's been pulling the strings all this time.
Who can he be?
I'm the puppet and he is the master of it all!

He tied them all. He strung them all.
He pulled them. He pulled them tightly.
He pulled them unseen.
He pulled them always.

It's him!
It's been him!
Only him!

Emerging from reclusive corners come all the lies
that have been my life, forming shadow faced people
reaching for me, arms out trailing their strings –
they are all puppets!

Then his face in their eyes appears
in the cold spotlight, distorted and drowning.
Oh no, please whisper reason to me!
It's my face there reflected and staring!

I am the one! I am the man
who's been pulling the strings all this time.
How can this be?
I'm the puppet and I am the master of it all!

I tied them all. I strung them all.
I pulled them. I pulled them tightly.
I pulled them unseen. I pulled them always.

(It's me)
(It's been me)
Only me.

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