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The Song Which No Name Carry - text


The past led me into
The arms of the present
Darkness was made into
Something even darkes
While the vague shadow
Was made into a manifesto
And as the axe of truth fell
I died

He shalt be reborn
And in an unknown
Manifestation he shalt
Again wander the earth
And he shalt be reborn

I died; I died again;
I died even once more
The soul of mine could
Fly its wings belonged
To the angel of death
And it showed me the way
Of everlasting raindrops
As I died

As the angelic rain wept
Passed the wings of death
I was again put to the sword
With desire crying for
The tears of the lord
And as much as I longed
He never revealed its secrets:
The madness where darkness
Transforms into darker darkness

Drops of rain covered me
And I finally become wet
Tears are dripping from me now
Down to the father of men
And you; my fellow angel;
Can inhale the spirits of no
Age and origin

And as she felt the rain; she died;
She died again; and she died even once more.

And they shalt be reborn
From where they were forlorn
With the power to destroy
Everything standing in their way

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