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Speak of the Devil (As the Devil May Care) - text


The prepare:
Once upon a forest
The expression sought my mind
Yet I could not find
The purpose of its birth
Nor the scope of his dominion

The move:
Once upon a blue moon
The state of immortality
Is offered to mankind
Yet I could only
Whisper the name of Thine

The wait:
Once upon a time
Yet in the state
Of both mourning and longing
Waiting to proceed
Towards the end of the beginning

The meeting:
Once and for all
There was no withdrawal
I could just let myself
Be carried that way
This was to be my dying day

The end:
Once upon a death
The life was not mine to be
My own funeral
Was my surrounding
As the end revealed itself to me

The awakening:
Once upon a birth
An adult was to see
The secrets of pregnancy
As I screamed once more
I was made forever to be...

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