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Let the records play - text


When the Kingdom comes he puts the records on and with his blistered thumb hits play
and with the volume up he goes and fills his cup and lets the drummer drum
take away the pain, the pain

breaking, forsaken, what’s that you’re taken?
Bleeding the feeling, he lets the records play

??? future dim
The cigarette light’s in
the vaporizer green light grim
and when the shot glass talks he goes to listens up
until he’s nice and numb again, again

shaken, the breaking, not one for faking
the reeling is healing
he lets the records play, there’s wisdom in his ways

I’ve been down and I fell so hard and far from grace
I’ve been hurt and I still recall the flaws on her face
I’ve been off but but I'm on my feet, my feet again

Shaken, foresaken, what’s that you’re taking?
Oh! The weeding, the feeling, he lets the records play

shaken but breaking, not one for faking oh!
the reeling is healing, he lets the records play!

Oh, there’s wisdom in his ways

Text přidala annihilation

Videa přidali annihilation, radek9698

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