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[Verse 1]
Aching, aching everywhere
I don't feel it, you don't care
Everyone's their fathers' sons
Feral youth and laser guns
Please don't send me off to war
That's not what my body's for
Maybe I was not born brave
Maybe I was born
Good looking, showing everybody the bones
Hot cooking, steaming little elegant soul
Weak vicious, biting on the tip of your tongue
Tweet delicious, read about the word on a phone
What the world could be
When you talk to me
Give me energy, let it be
Together for everyone
Make the ocean come
When we get it done
For the world's pleasure
[Verse 2]
If you're happy raise a hand
If you've five fingers take a bow
Lawfully killed on English dirt
Little hearts begin to hurt
New York City cars and girls
Take a living, make a turn
Consciousness, I'm capable
But it's not my mess, I'm too
[Chorus] x2

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