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I´m so feeling empty
I´m sick of saying this now
You and me are different
Tell me how ya feeling now

You nake it complicated
It´s just a symple sistem
So why do you break it down?
Your future´s waiting for you

No matter how far I go
I don´t think I can get out
No future fuck that bullshit
I will get clue to find
To find my future

(It´s) I am craving now
(On) the sickess coming son
(It´s) just a symple system
Way too far to break
No need to worry
Evil trys to bring back the memory you hate
I´m bleeding like the sun
How do I heal without my dream

Terms of surrender
You took away but I still have something
That is my soul
You´re gonna keep it in your mind
I won´t lay down my arms

Fight back for your life
You think you wanna give up?
Get back to yourself
Before you lose everything

Fight back for your soul
I know you never give up
Let´s get startit now
Then tell me how ya feeling now
Now tell me how you´re feeling?

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