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Why is it so dark in here? (who knows)
Ain't got a clue (what?) who's got a liter
Tell me somebody what's going on
I can't see anything I'm fucking blind
Take me to the light Let me out of here
I don't know what to say It's just so dark
I feel that someone keeps watching me
(What's that?) Weakness? Just give me a light

Light up
I don't know where I'm standing
Light up
I gotta find a clue

Light up
I don't know where everybody goes
Light up
Someone's trying to put a fright in my ass

Where is here
Have I lost my way?
Time is over
Please gimme another chance

I've been tumbling (just I realized)
It doesn't feel so old
I try to remember when was the first time
(Stop it) you're just wasting your time
Pain, suffer, sacrifice, that's all you've got in your life
(Now you really wanna get the light)
Don't protect your self that makes you weak
You think you're smart? (Fuck no)
Then just move on

You took my girl and my money took my everything
What do you want from me? Ain't got nothing

Your position

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