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Once upon a time lived a boy and a girl and another
Boy and the girl made plans so the other left home
Little bit late could have found a better way to discover

She chose the wrong man
She chose the wrong man
She chose the wrong
Man to raise her children
Man to share her bed
Man, what was she thinking
Will she go out of her head
If she hears this song
And she knows he's wrong

Once upon a time was a house in the middle of a country
English burnt it down but for now it's standing tall
The man inside got his job from acting funny

We chose the wrong man
We chose the wrong man
We chose the wrong
Man to run the country
Man to wield the sword
Man to spend the money
More than we can all afford
When we find it's gone
And we know he's wrong

Isolation could keep him away
We could put that dude in solitude
Incarceration, lock him away
Turn his days into night
Do two wrongs make a right?

For the wrong man
He's the wrong man
He's the wrong
Man from who we wanted
Not what we expect
Don't believe in giving
So that's all that he will get
When he hears this song
And he knows he's wrong

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Flying Dog

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