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The moon is rising right above my head
No more disguising i will not to be afraid no no no
The moon is rising right above my head
No more disguising, not to be afraid
You make me wonder
You make me ponder
What's the reason for this wonder
this a burn like thunder
this it eternal
no earth, no power
will break dis pon ya
dis will last longer, dis will grow stronger
if i should ever leave then i surely must come back
that one a name one love, that one a name one heart
that one a name ?, that one a name one god
and me go so uuufff
dis is original- dis take you back to the roots like agent ??
me go so uuufff
dis is untypical damn logical its extraterrestrial
me go so uuufff
unconditional, radical and literal and could´t be fictional
me go so uuufff
let me carry you to the waterfall you are crystal-
you make the unseen visual
the system call natural I - i´m so high so peace
so strong you make me kiss the sky
anytime you give me something is on the midnight isle
and kiss today goodnight- and let me take you on a ride
Dis is your queendom- rule it with wisdom
Dis is the shoulder that you always can lean on
Dis is my kingdom-may i rule it with wisdom
To the castle in the clouds and call it freedom
Love love

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