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There's a cold moon on the horizon
The smell of evil polluting the air
Feel the forces of night as they're rising
And with darkness comes the despair
Comes the despair, whohoho
I know now that our chances are fading
I feel now we will cease to exist
God's destroying instead of creating
Giving hand has turned into a fist
Can you feel his madness, can you feel his rage
Erase our history and turn the page
Taking it all for granted, so we forgot to pray
This rampage that surrounds us
Leading our world into decay
Islands that sink into the depths of sea
All hope is lost for both you and me
There is sun at midnight and there's a moon by day
The world's turned upside down
The laws of nature swept away
All I see is that people are dying
Promises from the priests were all lies
Crops are burning like funeral pyres
Corpses lying just food to the flies
Survive the madness, survive the rage
That the gods brought upon us today
Telling it to our children in future days to come
Keeping the memory sharp
Of the disaster that went on
Memorize the madness, memorize the day
Civilization was swept away
Writing it down for readers
In distant days to come
Let's pray they will believe us
And see the signs when they will show
See the city, see them burn
All this glory can't return
The oldest wisdom forever gone
A war with the sea can never be won
The straight horizon, the endless seas
Forever hold their mysteries
The circle will again be round
When the lost cities are found
Atlantis is lying somewhere beneath the waves
The memories are lying somewhere beneath the waves
Atlantis is not even a memory
It's a legend, so they say in schools
But how come that all over the planet
It's still known, both by sages and fools
Reading the stories, those words of old
I can feel disturbance roaring in my soul
Imagine now it really happened
Imagine now that it's all true
Careful what you think my friend
Make a believer out of you
Looking for a city underneath the waves
The search is even going on today
Do you think it really happened
Do you think that it's all true
Careful what you say my friend
I'll make a fool out of you

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Rage of Gods

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