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Drain of the lifeblood
Escape from reality
Rapture, indulgence
Revolution and tyranny
Bringer of solace
Creates new goals
Life seems so hollow
The demon moans
An image created
A soulless entity
Attracted, relentless
Embrace the tragedy
Bringer of solace
Creates new goals
Forget your sorrow
Lose all control
Lose all control
Out of control
Indoctrination of the mind
This modern slavery
The downfall of mankind
A silent war
Your life, is fading
You're bound to be reborn
Hopelessly addicted
Identity forlorn
Enter the kingdom
Of nothingness and loss
Here's no future
There's nothing left to say
Leave your misfortune
Redeem your soul
The wounds they are healing
Time for new goals
So break those chains
Those chains that bind
Now break those chains
And leave the east behind

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