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Would That I Could - text


I can't sleep. (tonight)
I can't dream. (tonight)
Feels like I'm just another machine.

I can't sleep. (tonight)
I can't dream. (tonight)
Feels like the world is a distant scream.

I can't eat. (tonight)
I can't drink. (tonight)
don't have the time to even stop and think.

I can't breathe. (tonight)
I can't see. (tonight)
Only alive until my organs fail me.

Summer sun will never warm my skin.
I can burn before I feel it in me.
And on a winters day, I don't fear the cold,
matches my heart and it makes me feel nothing.

I can't die. (tonight)
I can't leave. (tonight)
My veins on fire from the drugs in my blood.

I can't cry. (tonight)
I can't weep. (tonight)
I toss and turn under my choking sheets.

I can't hurt. (tonight)
I can't fight. (tonight)
Turn up the power til it blows out the light.

I can't run. (tonight)
I can't hide. (tonight)
I've got a rotting feeling deep down inside.

Would that I could feel again,
would that I could see,
would that I had more of nothing, less of everything.

Would that I could kill contention,
murder apathy,
take this empty plot and build a poison factory.

Split an atom, equal parts,
perfect and destructive,
to break things down to building blocks,
the concept is seductive.

Wind will whistle as I work,
but my muscles never ache,
doctors tell me that I'm sick,
there's many pills to take.

Text přidal LeturCZ

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